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Most Popular Car Company in the World

Car Company is one of the famous topic for the people who are really interesting with the automotive. Most of them are attractive to discuss about the car company. They like to compare and differentiate the unique advantages which are offered by each company. Here, we are going to tell you about some of the popular car company with some of the car brands which are offered.

Car Company

1. Toyota is one of the car companies in which people are really common with this company. Toyota get the top-ranking market in the world. This company is manufactured in Japan. This company is built by Japanese people, Kiichito Toyota on 1937. Toyota can produce around 10 million cars in a year. There are some brands, such as: corolla, camry, and any other brands which are so well known in the international market.

2. Renault is the well know car company from France. On that time, this company is so popular because of many kinds of transportation which are produced. This company ever produce truck, bus, tractor, tank and any other kinds of transportation. Renault is also famous in the rally car events.

3. Mercedes Benz is the oldest and biggest car company in the world. This company is manufactured in Germany. This car company is considered as the company which always produce the highest quality of automotive. Most of the cars looks beautiful and expensive. The form and its design are so great and many people wish to have the car from this company.

4. Ford is one of the automotive company from United States of America. It is built on 1903 by Henry Ford. Many people are so interesting to buy the Ford car. Ford ever be the most famous brand or car company in Europe. This company is really popular because of its van. Then, ford has reached around 38 awards as the top company.

5. Volkswagen is the popular car company from Germany. This company is popular with the classic designs for its car. On that time, Volkswagen is only provided cars for the lower people. Now, Volkswagen is designed very attractive and made it prices higher. The most famous Volkswagen types are Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Beetle.

6. Honda is the car company located in Japan. This brand is very popular in every single parts of the world. Most people know about the products which are produce by Honda Company. Honda produces Honda Civic and Odyssey which are so popular in demand. Type of sports, classic, hybrid and electric cars of Honda are ever get the top brand awards.

7. General Motors is a big car company in America. This company can produce kinds of transportation around 37 countries in the world. This company has created some famous car brands, such as: Chevrolet, Cadillac, Opel Buick and any other famous brands.

8. Audi is a type of car company which presents qualitative and beautiful design of cars. The features of Audi cars are really unique. There are family cars, luxury cars and sports cars which are provided by this car company.

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